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Know Your Jewellery

The wire used for stringing pearls / beads etc is gold-plated bronze i.e. NOT gold for all - jadau as well as thappa. The reasons why, by default, we string in gold-plated bronze wire are :1. the look is no different when done in gold wire2. stringing it in a bronze wire gives us the flexibility to change the stringing (and hence the look) anytime in future without having to worry about the gold wastage that occurs when we cut apart a stringing that's done in gold wireHaving said that, if you wish.. we can certainly have any piece’s stringing changed to gold wire. Additional cost against the same will be notified and added.

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Should you buy Treated Gemstones?

In today's world the percentage of treated gemstones is quite significant and it is to that extent, we feel nearly all gemstones that are sold are treated by one or other method, which is true to a great extent. In recent times some treatment on few gemstones have also become quite complex to understand, as they involve multiple methods and steps to get to the final product. The supply of fine coloured natural gemstones is insignificant and in view of the demand, there is no alternative but to use treatments to make up the supply using previously unsalable material. If there were no treated gemstones, the quantity available would be very small and only the extreme group of the society...

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How are Gemstones classified as Precious / Semiprecious?

Gemstones were first classified, considering their value at that time, into categories of "precious" or "semiprecious" in the mid-1800s. These terms quickly become popular and were used throughout the world. Even today, these terms remain in common usage in printed materials, on websites, and in discussions throughout the gemstone and jewellery industry. However, this categorisation is not always correct today, since the "value" parameter is not the only criteria on which experts rely to in order to evaluate a stone. The quality, the rarity, the provenance are taken into consideration as well.  Precious Stones "Precious stones" is a name that is usually used in reference to diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.Traditionally, these four precious stones have been the most expensive and sought after stones. Sometimes pearls, opals or jades were listed as precious...

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