Should you buy Treated Gemstones?

In today's world the percentage of treated gemstones is quite significant and it is to that extent, we feel nearly all gemstones that are sold are treated by one or other method, which is true to a great extent. In recent times some treatment on few gemstones have also become quite complex to understand, as they involve multiple methods and steps to get to the final product.

The supply of fine coloured natural gemstones is insignificant and in view of the demand, there is no alternative but to use treatments to make up the supply using previously unsalable material. If there were no treated gemstones, the quantity available would be very small and only the extreme group of the society would be able to afford natural gemstones. And then there are also few gemstones which are not available, except in their treated forms, such as tanzanite or citrine or blue topaz, etc. There is no doubt that if there were no treatments, the gemstone industry would not be able to offer a large collection at any (reasonable) prices.

Having said that, complete disclosure is of utmost importance. So as long as all treatments are revealed, whether permanent or temporary, whether it affects the price or not, you as the ultimate consumer can accept a stone which has its colour and beauty being enhanced by some form of treatment.. unless you are willing to pay premium for the original and untreated counterpart.

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