Beryl Necklace

  • Rs. 40,500.00


An elegant emerald-grade green beryl necklace with big cut gemstones, duly certified from International Gemological Institute And Testing Laboratory.

Stone Information:

Emerald and Green Beryl, both belong to the same species - Beryl. Emerald is the most fascinating member of the Beryl family. It is a green to greenish blue variety of Beryl. The pale green shade of Beryl is referred as Green Beryl. 

Note: These are all natural gemstones, dug from deep under sea or earth, long after they have gone through a lot of chemical changes. Hence, it's natural that these stones have inclusions inside the stone. They can be black spots, dark included crystals (DINX), included crystals (INX), feathers, pinpoints etc at different locations. Thus, if you have bought a stone which is absolutely crystal clear or without any inclusions, then please get it checked as it can be semi-precious or synthetic, since crystal clear natural stones like emerald / yellow sapphire / blue sapphire / ruby will be exorbitantly expensive.