Technicalities - Jadau and Thappa

We proud ourselves on being completely honest with our clientele and strongly advocate transparency in all forms. Following are some must-knows on the two major types of kundan meena jewellery:

Jadau Jewellery:

  • Uncut diamonds (also known as old-cut diamonds or polkies) are set in a solid gold lattice with fine craftsmanship
  • Resale value is 80% of price, provided the jewellery is intact

Thappa Jewellery:

  • These collectables are fully handcrafted with real diamond polkies, set in a gold foil of purity 23K.
  • Gold 'foil' does NOT mean gold plated - it's approx 0.05 mm thick (standard household foil is typically 0.016 mm)
  • Such jewellery should be handled with care since it is likely to break on heavy impact
  • Resale value is 50% of price, provided the jewellery is intact