Introducing Contactless Jewellery Shopping

COVID-19 pandemic has instilled the fear of transmission and the habit of social distancing in everyone. In light of the same, we have been working hard to build an augmented reality experience for you, not just as a solution to the current problem, but also as a long-term process upgrade that will help you try your favourite jewellery pieces safely & securely, from anywhere in the post lockdown world.

An experience that enables you to get close to the future of jewellery shopping via contactless try-on, here's how it will help all of us:

1. Minimal risk from physical inventory

As a safety measure, all physical inventory that is touched or tried on at our store will need to be sanitized. Migrating to a contactless & virtual try-on ensures that shoppers touch limited inventory before they make their final selection. Sanitizing digital screens will be much easier and safer than sanitizing jewellery pieces, each time they are touched.

2. Minimal person-to-person interaction at the store

Social distancing is the need of the hour. Having a limited number of people enter the store including our team, is very important. We encourage our customers to come, try-on pieces virtually, pick & choose, and then request for the final selection of designs that they like and wish to buy.

3. Try at home

We understand that you might be hesitant to step out of home and expose yourself to any risk, until things start getting better. In a covid-ravaged world where the rules of business are getting written afresh, augmented reality gives you the comfort of trying our latest designs from the comfort of your homes. 

Click here to experience the future of jewellery shopping - take care & stay safe!